Books for Holy Week and Easter

As we fast approach Holy Week, thoughts are now turning to the Passion of the Lord and his death and resurrection. While the Easter story has been familiar to all of us from an early age, Veritas Publications takes pride in producing books that offer new ways to celebrate and reflect on Holy Week and Easter. Below, you will find four of our most recent titles, all of which are ideal for use in personal prayer and reflection. Each of them is small enough to be kept with you during Holy Week, and taken out and read at quiet moments.

The Passion of the Lord: Reflections for Holy WeekThe Passion of the Lord
Mary Bridget Judge

The command signals humiliation, rejection
and further hours of torture,
to which I must submit in order to redeem all;
including those who willed and wrought
my fearful, yet triumphant fate.

This booklet was born out of the author’s personal struggle to find meaning in the events of Holy Week. In her own words, ‘I would look around the church during the Holy week liturgies and see the focus and devotion of members of our church community and feel somewhat envious of their apparent ability to become immersed in the story which, for me, seemed bereft of meaning.’

She prayed for a glimpse of meaning, and the thought soon came to her that she should try to ‘experience’ the Passion by looking through the eyes of Jesus. Although she tried to dismiss the thought at first, it came back again and again until, finally, it resulted in the ten blank verses in this book.

Centered around the main themes of the five Sorrowful Mysteries, the verses explore the physical and emotional torment of the Saviour.  Through Jesus’ own eyes – the eyes of a man rooted in Judaism – the reader is taken from the Last Supper to his glorious resurrection.


In Ireland, we are lucky to have some remarkable depictions of the Stations of the Cross in churches around the country. Some of our recent titles have been illustrated with images from these churches, all very different to each other but equally beautiful in their own way.

Stations of the Cross

The Stations of the Cross: A Biblical Way
Kieran Hill

The illustrations in this booklet come from the Passionist Retreat Centre in Tobar Mhuire, Co. Down. Originally established as a monastery in 1950, it underwent a major renovation and redesign in 2012 to become a retreat and outreach centre. During this time, the Stations of the Cross were designed by Irish artist Brian Byrne and erected in the chapel courtyard. On individual steel stanchions, fourteen three-dimensional figures cast in bronze depict the Passion scenes as introduced by Pope John Paul II in 1991. The fifteenth Station, ‘Jesus is risen from the Dead’, is finished in white.

Kieran Hill provides thoughtful and reflective meditations on each Station, making this booklet perfect for both individual and parish use.

Tobar Mhuire


Stations of the CrossStations of the Cross: Walking the Way of the Cross
Kevin O’Gorman

The images in this booklet come from Holycross Abbey, Thurles. Located on the River Suir, the restored Cistercian monastery was originally founded in 1148.

The Stations of the Cross pictured in this booklet were erected on the outer walls of the abbey to commemorate the papal visit of John Paul II in 1979. The bronze stations were designed by Italian sculptor Enrico Manfrini, and a second set of bronzes were presented to the pope. These were subsequently mounted above the papal apartments in the Vatican.

Accompanying the images are reflections and prayers from Fr Kevin O’Gorman, each beginning with a line from scripture and continuing with some exploratory notes for further explanation.

Fourth & Eleventh


Stations of the Cross9781847302502

Bishop Thomas Finnegan

‘Dear Reader,
As you hold this booklet, we suggest: wherever you happen to be, try to find a quiet spot where you can rest for a few minutes. Be aware of the presence of Jesus, and peruse these pages, as many or as few as you have time for.’

stations of the cross 4.inddSo says Bishop Thomas Finnegan in the introduction to this booklet, which is illustrated by the beautiful stained-glass windows at St Patrick & St Cuimín Church in Carrowmore-Lacken, Co. Mayo.

Bishop Finnegan, who served as Bishop of Killala from 1987 until 2002, provides short passages of scripture, along with commentary on the Stations of the Cross. He passed away on Christmas Day 2011, at the age of 86.


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