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Preparing for your Child’s First Day at School

The first of September is approaching, Ready for Schoolwhich for many children will mean the beginning of their journey through primary school. Ready for School: A Parents’ Guide by primary school teachers Margaret Horan and Geraldine O’Brien looks at the common questions and dilemmas that every parent faces as they support their child’s development through the early days of school. The following article is an edited extract from the first chapter, which looks at tips and tricks to help prepare in those final weeks.

A Step
Sometimes we are so anxious for our children to have a marvellous love affair with school, and we build it up to such a pitch, that the child cannot sleep or eat for a few days before starting. Fear of the unknown scares most adults, so imagine how much greater that fear is for a small child, who cannot reason or foresee what may lie ahead. In order to minimise any fears, it is good to treat the beginning of primary school as just another natural step in your child’s life. Continue reading