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First Irish Shrine to Our Lady Un-doer of Knots Unveiled

Our Lady Untier of Knots

Fr Tony O’Riordan, parish priest of Moyross, with Archbishop Charles Brown

Papal Nuncio, Archbishop Charles Brown, celebrated Mass in Corpus Christi Church, Moyross, yesterday with Bishop Brendan Leahy and Bishop Donal Murray in honour of a new sculpture and painting dedicated to Our Lady Un-doer of Knots.

Limerick artist, Des Langford, painted the image of Our Lady on to an old piece of Irish Chestnut wood. The iron work that accompanies it was sculpted by local blacksmith, Eric O’Neill.

Speaking yesterday, Archbishop Brown talked about the great affection that Pope Francis has for Ireland, where he spent time studying English in the 1970s. ‘I know he has a great love for the Irish people and a special appreciation for the Irish people’s love for the mother of God, Mary, which is very, very close to his heart.’

He also expressed his hope that a visit to Ireland by Pope Francis would one day take place. ‘It would be the biggest joy I would ever have as Apostolic Nuncio in Ireland to have the Pope visit Ireland. With God all things are possible, so we just have to see.’

Our Lady Untier of Knots complete

Prayercard to Our Lady Untier of Knots available at http://www.veritas.ie

Devotion to Our Lady Un-doer of Knots, who is said to help solve complicated problems, has grown in popularity since the beginning of Pope Francis’s papacy. His own devotion goes back to when he was a student in Germany in the 1980s, when he viewed the famous painting by Johann Georg Melchior Schmidtner which hangs in the church of St Peter am Barlach in Bavaria. He brought a postcard of the painting back to Argentina and later had the image engraved on a chalice that was presented to Pope Benedict XVI.

This is the first Irish shrine to honour Our Lady Un-doer of Knots and framed copies of the image can be ordered from the parish office.


Pope Francis pays tribute to the role of John Paul II in the fall of the Berlin Wall

Fall of Berlin WallYesterday marked twenty-five years since the fall of the Berlin Wall. Speaking about the anniversary, Pope Francis paid tribute to those who worked for the Berlin Wall’s end, and made special mention of the role played by John Paul II.

‘The fall happened suddenly, but it was made possible by the long and arduous efforts of many people who had fought for this, prayed and suffered, some even sacrificing their lives. These include a leading role played by Saint Pope John Paul II.’

John Paul II is widely hailed as having played a major part in the fall of Communism in Central and Eastern Europe, with Mikhail Gorbachev once proclaiming that ‘the collapse of the Iron Curtain would have been impossible without John Paul II.’

In his speech, Pope Francis also warned that there are still many walls that divide us today. ‘Where there is a wall, there is closure of the heart. We need bridges, not walls!’

He appealed to all of good will to continue spreading a ‘culture of encounter,’ with the aim of bringing down the walls that still divide the world, and prayed that no more people would be killed or persecuted because of their religious beliefs.

The Big Bang Theory

pope-francis-vatigan-28oct2014Pope Francis made headlines around the world this week when, addressing a meeting of the Pontificial Academy of Sciences, he said that the Big Bang theory on the origin of the world does not contradict the teaching of the Catholic Church, but rather confirmed it. 

Here, Fr Brendan Purcell, author of From Big Bang to Big Mystery, gives his thoughts on the Pope’s speech:

What Pope Francis told the scientists gathered to discuss the evolution of the concept of ‘nature’, in the Pontifical Academy of Sciences (27/10/14) — where he was dedicating a bust of Pope Benedict XVI — was very much in keeping with his predecessor’s remarks. Still he brought his own freshness to ordinary Catholic teaching on creation, noting that the Big Bang ‘doesn’t contradict the intervention of a divine Creator, but demands it’.

He reminds us that evolution ‘isn’t inconsistent with the notion of creation, because evolution requires the creation of the beings that evolve.’ He points out that in Genesis, God isn’t a magician with a magic wand but ‘has created beings and allowed them to develop according to the internal laws he’s given to each one … he’s given autonomy to all the beings in the universe at the same time as he’s assured them his continual presence.’

He notes how in Genesis, God has given man ‘a different autonomy to that of nature, which is freedom’. However, human beings can fall away from that freedom to a false autonomy that ‘destroys creation’, where ‘man takes the place of the Creator’.

big bang cover_final.inddIn my From Big Bang to Big Mystery: Human Origins in the light of Creation and Evolution (Dublin: Veritas, 2nd edtion, 2012) I tried to spell out what Pope Francis has been saying, showing the same deep respect for science that Pope Francis praised in Pope Benedict during that same speech: ‘As you know, his love for truth wasn’t limited to theology and philosophy but opened out the sciences.’ It’s interesting to see how Pope Francis basically draws, in a modern key, on Aquinas’s notion of God as gifting his creatures with a share both in his existence and his creativity, which I discussed, along with how we can misuse our freedom by choosing the lie and evil to the goodness of creation and of God.

Press Release: Director of Veritas to present Pope Francis with new Catechism

Director of Veritas, Maura Hyland, to meet Pope Francis and present him with the new Irish Catholic Catechism for Adults – Ireland’s first ever Catechism.


Director of Veritas, Maura Hyland, has been invited to present Pope Francis with a copy of the Irish Catholic Catechism for Adults following his General Audience on Wednesday, 25 June.

Speaking about the presentation, Maura Hyland said ‘Since he stepped out onto the balcony above St Peter’s Square on 19 March 2013 and greeted those gathered with the words ‘Buona sera’, Pope Francis has been capturing the imaginations and hearts of people throughout the world. His humility, his use of images and symbols and his ability to reach out to people have spoken volumes. It is a great honour for me to meet Pope Francis and to present him with a copy of the Irish Catholic Catechism for Adults’.

Published by Veritas, Ireland’s leading religious publisher and retailer, the Irish Catholic Catechism for Adults is a new publication from the Irish Episcopal Conference. The result of several years’ work, this Catechism is a call to renewal of faith among adults, at a time when people may be questioning whether the good news of Jesus Christ applies to them. It responds to the recommendation in the Catechism of the Catholic Church that Episcopal Conferences would develop ‘local catechisms, which take into account various situations and cultures, while carefully preserving the unity of faith and fidelity to catholic doctrine’. Continue reading